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Cybersecurity Analyst



Beau Vallon, Seychelles
Posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Cybersecurity Analyst

March 04, 2022 SecurityDevOps

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We are looking for a Cybersecurity Analyst to join the team which is working on the ongoing security of the CoinFLEX cryptocurrency futures exchange platform.

Job Description

You will be a key member of a modest security team distributed across multiple time zones. You should have a passion for Cloud security, cybersecurity, technology and automation. A resilient approach to complex problems, an innovative growth mindset and a profound hunger to learn is essential. You will be working alongside seasoned professionals in a high-intensity team environment.

The position will focus mainly on securing CoinFLEX applications through proactive and reactive analysis of threats. You will have responsibility for implementing solutions to ensure the security of our applications through vulnerability scanning, analysis, cybersecurity enhancements and penetration testing. You will additionally take the lead in forming analysis of cybersecurity threats, assessing vulnerabilities and responding to exploits.


  • Anticipate and defend against cyber threats and exploits
  • Respond to security breaches
  • WAF data analysis
  • Data breach protection and prevention
  • Protect against unauthorised access. At a small company or organisation, you might expect to perform a variety of cybersecurity tasks.
  • Monitor network traffic for security incidents and events
  • Investigate incidents and respond to events in real time
  • Write detailed incident response reports
  • Fix vulnerabilities
  • Develop and promote best practices for information security
  • Conduct threat research
  • Perform periodic risk assessments and penetration tests
  • Understand the latest cyber threat landscape, as well as internal and public facing IT infrastructure.
  • Look for ways to enhance company network security and protect its sensitive information.
  • Configuring Tools: This may come in the form of virus software, password protectors, and vulnerability management software. They will evaluate what the company needs and use these tools to protect its information.
  • Reporting: The analyst will detail what is currently going on in the network and evaluate its strengths. One of the skills needed is learning to read these reports. They will show what is well-protected and indicate if there is any unusual activity in the network.
  • Evaluate Weaknesses: No network is fully secure, but the goal is to make it as secure as possible. Part of the job is to continuously test all company networks and find weaknesses before bad actors or external threats can compromise them. 

Essential skills and experience required

  • Experience working within a Cybersecurity or SecOps team
  • WAF configuration and management
  • Proven experience in IT/Cyber Security
  • Good knowledge of cybersecurity and hacking methodologies
  • IT Security qualifications or willing to work towards achieving these
  • Understanding and experience of cloud server architectures
  • Experience or qualifications in AWS
  • Ethical hacking qualifications or experience
  • Pen testing
  • Working with security researchers and bug bounty hunters
  • Proficiency in English 
  • Intrinsic interest and experience otherwise with working with development and scripting languages such as Python and Bash
  • Linux
  • Development experience
  • Log analysis

Desirable skills

  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills used with a remote global team
  • Drive to learn new technologies fast and work with the team and independently
  • Experience in team management and coordination to maximise efficiency
  • Knowledge of continuous integration and delivery
  • Very high security awareness and implementation skills 
  • Great Linux/Unix Administration skills
  • Good amount of experience with software such as Git, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Proven Ethical Hacker/Pen tester

What you’ll get in return

  • Excellent compensation
  • High value perks based on performance
  • Cryptocurrency and financial services experience
  • Training as required
  • An environment where learning and development is encouraged
  • Autonomy to experiment and build new cybersecurity solutions

CoinFLEX people  

From tough but determined and successful beginnings we are forging strong company values for the business, we are building a team of smart, positive, collaborative, productive, ambitious, entrepreneurial, energetic and success oriented people.

This is an opportunity to make a profound difference to an emerging market sector, for example, if you work in the relatively mature equities or fiat FX markets, any work you do will very likely make an intangible difference to the markets or market infrastructure when compared with the gains which are to be made in the relatively infant cryptocurrency market infrastructure

We are doing what we consider to be ground breaking and important work, however we want to have fun along the way so we have an informal yet professional atmosphere where people are encouraged to speak up. We have weekly company wide stand up meetings to aid communication and the overall cohesive growth of the already globally distributed business across Europe and Asia.

We also offer flexible working hours and working from home as necessary.

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