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Senior Fullstack Typescript Developer



Software Engineering
Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2024

About Immunefi

Immunefi exists to protect the future of money. Immunefi is Web3's last line of defense and leading bug bounty platform, preventing catastrophic hacks before user funds are stolen. Our team is highly specialized, so we’re looking for talented people who are willing to jump right in and use their expertise to help us protect Web3. If you’re looking to join a fast-paced, problem solving environment at the very core of decentralized finance, then read on.


As Immunefi continues to grow, we need to expand our software engineering & development teams. These teams work to ensure the functionality, security & useability of the Immunefi platform for our Project Clients as well as our Whitehat Hacker Community so that we can continue to facilitate the winning of the largest Bug Bounties in the world!

Specifically, we are looking to hire experienced & skilled JavaScript Developers to work on designing, developing and maintaining the complex web applications that make up the Immunefi platform.

This is a ‘full lifecycle’ role which will involve taking requirements from the Product Department, carrying out feasibility studies, producing engineering review & assessment documents, looping back to Product for refining, creating the engineering plan, working in sprints to build, deliver & deploy the code.

If you are an experienced JavaScript developer comfortable with NextJS, React, Remix and associated frameworks and are looking for a new challenge then read on to see if this could be the role for you….Please be sure to include a link to your Github profile on your CV.

Please Note: While we are a global & fully remote organisation, to best align with the rest of the engineering & development department, we require applicants to be within 4 hours either side of GMT-6 (preferably GMT-6 - GMT-2)

Role Responsibilities

  • Design and implement high-performance, scalable web applications using JavaScript and related technologies
  • Engage with other parts of the Engineering / Development team as well as the Product function to facilitate the development & delivery of platform functionality requirements
  • Write clean, maintainable, and efficient code
  • Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to improve development efficiency
  • Contribute to the conversation to bring ideas on improvement, technology development and iteration
  • Troubleshoot and debug issues across the full stack
  • Write automated tests to ensure code quality and maintainability
  • Participate in code reviews and provide feedback to other team members
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest web development trends and technologies
  • Contribute to the development of technical documentation

Applicant Requirements

  • Extensive experience in software development including work directly as a Full Stack
    JavaScript developer
  • Strong experience with JavaScript, Next.js, React, and related technologies (Please note - extensive experience with these technologies is essential, if your application does not clearly show this experience, your application will not be considered)
  • Previous experience receiving product design requirements and turning them into user
  • Experience with TypeScript
  • Experience with PostgreSQL
  • Strong understanding of web application architecture and design patterns
  • Experience with unit testing and integration testing frameworks such as Playwright,
    Cypress, or Jest
  • Experience with Git and version control best practices
  • Debugging and troubleshooting skills
  • Experience working in a fully remote company (preferred)
  • Experience with Google Cloud (preferred)
  • Experience with Docker (preferred)
  • Experience with shell scripting (preferred)
  • Experience with Agile development methodologies (preferred)
  • A bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field (preferred but not mandatory).

Working at Immunefi

Immunefi is the foremost Bug Bounty Marketplace in the crypto / Web3 space providing a platform to facilitate the protection of $bn of user funds. We aim for excellence in all we do and want to build a world class team of highly skilled professionals who can help us to scale & develop our company. If you are successful in joining the team, you will be working in a highly collaborative, cross-functional environment where ideas, input & communication are prized. By necessity, the work pace here is rapid and we need people who are able to rapidly immerse themselves. As a fully remote and geographically dispersed team, we require everyone to be capable of autonomous & self-driven work in addition to being able to manage communication across global timezones.

Our Core Values

Always start with the customer - we start with the best outcome for the customer.

Constant vigilance - the safety and success of our customers and the company depend on our high security standards.

Bias for action - we proactively make decisions to drive impactful outcomes.

Always raise the bar for excellence - we build and hold each other accountable for a culture of discipline and excellence.

Think big and bold - we set audacious goals.

Act as an owner and drive outcomes to the finish line - we fully commit to work that best serves the company and our mission.

Build trust, act with integrity - we consistently solve problems and honor our commitments with our team, customers, and community.

What We Offer

  • 100% remote-first work environment, flexible schedule
  • Autonomous work environment with trusting, smart, reliable team members
  • An opportunity to be building an early-stage company in a dynamically evolving market and industry
  • An opportunity to build your own path in the company as we continue to evolve and grow
  • A global market (it’s fun to meet people from all over the world every day!)
  • A chance to make impact and participate in building and securing the ecosystem for smart contracts and the future of money (we’re protecting over $100B in user funds)