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New York, NY, USA
Posted on Saturday, September 2, 2023

Forward Deployed Engineer

Did you know that the latin word for partner is delictus? Ok, so that’s not actually true, but we believe that empathy for our developers and deeply understanding their needs is fundamental to creating delight in developer tooling and building a world-class product.
As Privy works to reimagine web3 user experiences, we strive to understand what our customers are building and how their end users will experience these new products. This means thoughtfully engaging with our developers, grounding technical conversations in practical product considerations, and offering helpful guidance and education.
We have an opportunity to set better standards for how apps engage with user data on the Web. This starts by helping developers solve their core issues today, so they can build better products.
We seek an outstanding forward-deployed engineer to join the Privy team. This role will be focused on customer success, solutions architecting, and driving technical partnerships to lay the foundations for a new, user-centric Web. As a forward deployed engineer at Privy, you’ll be working deeply with various partners, customers, and apps in the Privy ecosystem to solve real problems, all the while driving Privy’s vision around data sovereignty and web3 UX.
This role will be highly visible, both within the organization and externally. We are a lean team and this role comes with a lot of autonomy. We’re looking for a self-starter who’s eager to build world-class user experiences in collaboration with other developers, and to identify and execute on partnership and integration opportunities that level up Privy’s product stack more broadly.

Forward Deployed Engineering at Privy

Forward deployed engineering at Privy is about engaging developers to shape our off-the-shelf product, as well as our underlying vision for what user experience and data sovereignty should look like on the web. You are the tip of the spear: where novel cryptographic protocols and distributed systems are packaged for end-users. You will work with our customers to deeply understand their user flows and design exceptional experiences around them, baking product feedback and technical innovations back into the core Privy product.
We believe that solving complex problems comes through elegant abstractions, intuitive interfaces, and building in forums in which meaningful, nuanced exchange can be had. We value getting our hands dirty and understanding both user problems and technical problems at their most fundamental level. We see this as an essential function in building a product that is robust, delightful, and pushes the boundaries of how user data is handled on the web.

As a forward deployed engineer at Privy, you will…

Collaborate with high-profile customers on building world-class user experiences. This includes driving integrations and partnership opportunities, working in customer codebases, and collaborating on building out cutting-edge features.
Drive Privy’s developer engagements. This includes troubleshooting issues, educating developers about Privy’s product and vision, and translating product feedback and requests into clear priorities for Privy.
Design and build open-source applications to showcase the platform and to serve as reference implementations of Privy across various stacks.
Work with the team at large to identify new technical opportunities in the space and to drive experimentation and product development around them.

You may be a fit for this role if you…

Get energized by engaging with developers and apps across the web3 ecosystem.
Have deep interest in living at the intersection of developer and user concerns.
Love hacking projects together, trying things out, and experimenting with software for fun!
Are passionate about picking up new technologies, frameworks, and technical tools.

Bonus points if you have...

Published about your work (code, presentations, papers, blog posts, etc.).
Experience building modern TypeScript and React applications.
Genuine interest in Web3, its tooling, and its developer ecosystems.
A history of putting #CustomerLove On Top.

What it's like to work at Privy

Privy is the easiest way for web3 developers to onboard all potential users, regardless of whether they already have wallets, across mobile and desktop. By building at the intersection of users and developers, we set the foundation for identity infrastructure that will power web3.
We are a remote-friendly company with our core hub in New York City. We have been working remotely for years and value both the flexibility and effectiveness of remote work, but we're highly motivated by the many things you only get from being around your teammates. We recognize great work can happen from anywhere, but we're also committed to creating a vibrant in-person culture.
If you're passionate about bridging Web 2 and Web 3 architectures, helping developers build transformative experiences for users, and reclaiming ownership and identity for users on the Web, we'd love to talk with you.

How to Apply

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